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Green Contour

Mass housing associates most of the time with the population of people that needs assistance in regards to habitat;  societal  abuse of a universal misconception of their sociological situation which arises  in the urban planning and design. The purpose of this concept’s aim is to oppose the  incorrect approach that leads to stereotype this population and separate them with the rest of the residential community nearby, architects and planners, reflect the following in huge boxes and landscape that takes a way any dignity that  is left for those who  come to live  in mass housing. Their design approach creates a community that is ignored. The individuals are forced  to have friction with the fallacy of creating interaction between the residents on the account of their privacy.

Proposed here is a prototype that brings the soil to their living style and necessity. Each resident will have a small piece of land in his/her backyard by providing some  agricultural  balcony to each resident as high as his story is wherever one lives on the 3rd floor or the 7th floor they will be able to go to this small haven.  

The location of the mass housing proposal is in NYC, USA in an area that experienced major flooding.


Mass Housing Project

WHERE New York City



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