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The earth, the sea, and the stars

“The 4 faces of the Bell tower of Saint Mark correspond in 4 cardinal points. It is there that Galileo introduced his Telescope to the Senate of Venice and to the Doge Thanks to the intervention of his friend Paolo Sarpi, Galileo was invited to introduce his telescope in Venice”.


 Asculpture to endorse Venice as a place in history for its beauty and magic as the city on water.   


Venice and Galileo are connected through historic events that influenced the discoveries of the earth, the sea, and the stars. The beauty of Venice is presented by a sculpture based on a three dimensional image of Galileo drawing of the rose compass, inspiring to capture a moment in the Renaissance period.

The Raised Body of Water is the shape of the Grand Canal in Venice, which represent the city over water. This sculpture and its interaction with Raised Body of Water will accompany travelers as an inspiration and recognition of one of most influential scientist and his relationship with Venice.


a sculpture to endorse Venice as a place in history




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